• Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. Richard Feynman

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  • Just a quick note
    I’ve updated my bio page with a link to Les Cabinets Des Polytheistes, where my story “Spine of the World” is published (and in which people can play Spot The Netjer if they are so inclined), and my less-specific webspace Suns in Her Branches, which is broader than this space (which is specifically for reconstructionist-derived […]
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  • Opet is coming ’round again
    And the Emboatening Crew is once more celebrating by making Kiva loans. You’re all welcome to join us. (My monthly column in Patheos Pagan is about Opet and charitable works, and will be going up tomorrow assuming nothing goes wrong.)Filed under: Festivals, Uncategorized

Bread and Roses

Let’s just stick to this image:

A tall woman comes up to the front of the chapel, pink hat over steel hair and freckled brown skin. When she begins to sing her voice is uneven, imperfect, strained:

“Put on your face….”

She makes it through the verse, takes a breath.

The congregation starts in, unevenly, with our part:

“But no one knows me, no one ever will…”

Slowly, people begin to stand. Harmonies start to emerge, from people who know them, more people stand, voices gain confidence.

The soloist tackles the next part, and her voice is stronger, without the crackling anxiousness of the opening verse.

The congregation backs her, supports her.

“There must be someone who understands….”

A few people stomp the beat, enough to sound a heavy thud in a plain white meetinghouse which was certainly not anticipating such shenanigans.

“Let it out now, let it out now, let it out now….”

Then the steady revival-meeting clap, the call and response, the uneven ending from people not sure how many iterations that unspoken repeat at the end of that measure signed us all up for.

“I got the feeling you understand….”

She is singing strong, free, without any of the hesitancies of her first verse, her arms swinging as she claps the beat, her shoulders loose. What might have been fear has been transformed into this power, a clean, clear voice, a one-woman riot.

This is what congregations are for. Communities. The village it takes.

Start in the Landscape

Imagine, if you would, the landscape of Egypt-of-old.

Think of the sharp divides that the dry air leave between day and night. Think of the sudden line between the desert and the fertile land, and the way the flood presses back the sand, and the sand presses back the flood. Think of the river flowing […]

Everything Reflects on Everything

So earlier I happened to follow a link to a person commenting about the SCA and social dynamics therein. Specifically, they commented on the tension between the people who are seeking authenticity, and the people who are looking to have fun.

They touched on a number of places each of these people cause trouble for […]

“Go in peace and give ’em hell.”

We were late getting to church today – we got up to the balcony to sit down just as the guest preacher was finishing up the Tolkien quote of the everything lately (from The Fellowship of the Ring):

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, […]

The Gaps of the God

So here is today’s thought: widespread ignorance makes it easier to be a chucklehead.

Today’s version of this thought brought to you by this bit of manufactured pagan persecution: “Easter has bunnies and eggs, and therefore it was stolen from The Pagans(tm) who valued those symbols in the springtime as a tool of conversion.”

The […]