• The True Faith is the life of the follower, without it he is nothing, with it he has contained something of all creation. Robert Cochrane
    "The Faith of the Wise", published in Pentagram (4), November 1965

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We Are All In Mythological Time

I was talking to people recently, about time in lockdown. Every day is Blursday, it is Day O’Clock or Night O’Clock, and it is always the fortyteenth of Maprilay.

And I just now realized a thing: we are all in neheh, more in neheh than usual.

In ancient Egyptian cosmology, there are two forms of time, which combine and spiral and produce our experience: djet, in which one thing happens after another, in linear sequence, in which things done are final and past and fixed; and neheh, the time of mythology, the space where gods and spirits live, where all stories are new, and repeated, and cyclical.

As I put it once long ago, building a retaining wall, a drainage ditch, these are things that are in djet: they happened. They are in the past. They changed the world.

But in neheh, it rains. And what was done in djet changes the effects of the rain, but the rain itself does not live in djet. It happened; it happens; it will happen; it cycles. The thing built in djet changes how it flows, but the rain is outside of that.

We are in the midst of a tremendous matter of djet: this plague, this lockdown, this event, this iswaswillbebecomes history, a major event, a transformational experience that divides the world before from the world after.

But it is not yet after.

This moment, this time, is the extended space between before and after. The patterns are suspended, the cycles are suspended. Here we are, in Blursday, in the space where the gods make their stories. All times are now; now is no time at all.

When were the gods born? A time like this.

When was the world made? A time like this.

When was light divided from darkness? A time like this.

This is the space of ritual, of mythology, the space so many of us strive to step into, breathe into, so that we can change the world, so that we can affirm the world, so that we can be remade.

In this time that repeats its moments, in which things flow one into the other, in which meaning seems malleable and half-obscured, we have the power to shape what the world will become.

Build something.

Build something now, so that when we step back solidly into djet, you can bring that story down from Blursday and into tomorrow.

I Actually Got to Go to the Service Today

The thing about teaching Sunday school is of course that it happens on Sunday, and more relevantly, at the same time as the service, so my church life this year has been, largely, ‘go to the announcements and first hymn, then head to class’, which means I haven’t had things to say about sermons.

But […]

Lost At Sea

I lit a candle at the service today for Eri – who commented here as Crowess.

The sea is so very big, and my boat is so very small.

— Eriol (@eriolcaw) December 27, 2019

I said I lost a friend suddenly, and I find myself contemplating euphemisms; on her blog, when […]

The Other Dancer

(Welp, I’ve been pretty pants at updates for a while, haven’t I? Let’s fix that.)

Today’s service involved a sextet of dancers.

As I watched them perform, I was particularly drawn to watching one of them, whose brow was slightly furrowed with intense concentration as she paced out the steps on bandage-wrapped feet. Hers were […]

Writing a Thing

Doesn’t really count as either “Sunday Reflection” or “Wolf-Work” but I’m gonna tag ’em in anyway: two Sundays ago the student minister gave her first sermon, which included a comment about evangelical universalism as a concept. Which gave me the opportunity to introduce someone else to Thiess of Kaltenbrun and the werewolves as those who […]