• There never was an apple, in Adam’s opinion, that wasn’t worth the trouble you got into for eating it. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
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Things My Ancestors Tell Me

The way of the witch is the way of the power that must be hidden. It is about holding on to sovereignty in a world that does not want you to have it – you, the specific you, the one who the structures deny.

Why do you keep silent? Because when your work is hidden, the ones whose power does not run the shadow ways, the delicate ways, they cannot see it and cannot use their overtness to disrupt it.

It is not the way of the jewelled knife, the fancy knife, the set-aside knife only used for occasions, the knife that never gets used; it is the way of the knife that is used for many things, for everything, and also for power. It is not the way of the cup that never leaves the altar, the grail that is too holy to touch; it is the way of knowing how to bless this cup, the one in your hand, that mug, that bowl.

People fear the knife but not the cup, but the cup is the thing defined by its emptiness, its hunger.

The way of the witch turns over rocks looking for the things that other people will not claim. Does it upset you, turn you away? Then it is worth investigating to see what can be used. This is something that They will not know. They do not have the need, because they can work in the light. Only if there is something in you that has the need will you turn over those rocks. Everything is useful for something. If you don’t need it now, you may still find a use for it later.

It’s not about the forms, the shapes that people put on their work to make it subtle enough to be effective against the ones who work in the light. But do not neglect the forms; those too have power.

Iron your linens.

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