• First Sight means that you can see what really is there, and Second Thoughts mean thinking about what you are thinking. And in Tiffany’s case, there were sometimes Third Thoughts and Fourth Thoughts, although these were quite difficult to manage and sometimes led her to walk into doors. Terry Pratchett
    I Shall Wear Midnight

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Writing a Thing

Doesn’t really count as either “Sunday Reflection” or “Wolf-Work” but I’m gonna tag ’em in anyway: two Sundays ago the student minister gave her first sermon, which included a comment about evangelical universalism as a concept. Which gave me the opportunity to introduce someone else to Thiess of Kaltenbrun and the werewolves as those who have the sacred duty to go into hell to steal back what the Devil has stolen.

(And I riff on my immediately previous post and contemplate that the thing that most needs to be stolen out is the idea that one cannot do anything to make a difference. That’s one I wrestle with a lot, for a variety of tangled reasons.)

Some general vaguely religion-related updates:

As people who follow my Twitter or my Patreon know, I’ve been tinkering with oil paints for purposes of assembling a portrait icon of Nefertem. The long-term plan here, to the extent of either “long-term” or “plan” is to pair him up with a similar portrait of Shezmu, for reasons of complicated internal realization and also holy shit my personal theology works out really tidily that way, if weirdly.

I’m working on a little game thing for the Greek Mytholojam sponsored by itch.io, which is interesting and teaching me how to use one of my game making scaffolding programs. I’m not happy with the default graphics but I’m not going to bother with that, just getting the writing done. At some point I may polish it up and change things up a bit, but until that point I will just enjoy tinkering.

I’ve written a short story that’s also Greek mythology based in part and I don’t know what to fucking do with it. Partly because I’m not happy with it yet – it’s gone through one revision pass which makes it rather more blatantly about the painful, personal, and political things it’s about so far, and needs more – but also partly because see also painful, personal, and political. I guess I wait and see if someone does a CFS for a relevant anthology or something.

I don’t know. I’m finding it genuinely hard to pursue more than a basic minimum of spiritual practice at the moment, which makes it hard to do anything worth writing about here. And it’s one of those things where I know I have tools to do better, and I use the tools enough to scrape by, at least, but knowing where to put the leverage to properly move the world is…

… hrm, I wonder where my crowbar went.

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