• “The thing about witchcraft,” said Mistress Weatherwax, “is that it’s not like school at all. First you get the test, and then afterward you spend years findin’ out how you passed it. It’s a bit like life in the respect.” Terry Pratchett
    The Wee Free Men

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  • Just a quick note
    I’ve updated my bio page with a link to Les Cabinets Des Polytheistes, where my story “Spine of the World” is published (and in which people can play Spot The Netjer if they are so inclined), and my less-specific webspace Suns in Her Branches, which is broader than this space (which is specifically for reconstructionist-derived […]
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  • The Art of Being A God
    It’s interesting having one foot in reconstructionist religion and one foot in religious witchcraft, for a lot of reasons. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is the shape of how the gods appear within the context […]
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    Continuing with rambling on the topic of my exploration of pagan movement history, another critical concept: mythopoeia. The word means, literally, “myth-making”, and it is one of the near inescapable traits of at least the origin points of pagan religions. […]
  • Hills of the Horizon: The Past is Another Country
    The problem with extrapolation from history is that nothing is testable. The evolution of a religion over time is not a predictable and easily comprehensible thing, where we can look at a point in time and say, "It was like this then, so it would be like that now." The process of deciding what needs […]

About Kiya

This bio is a work in progress, not because I am a work in progress (who isn’t?) but because I hate writing bio pages and I don’t know what to say. It will probably continue to morph over time as I figure out useful things to include in it.

I am:

  • An independent Kemetic (Egyptian reconstructionist) researcher and practitioner, working on the construction of a solidly constructed, diasporic, location-neutral Kemetic religious system
  • A Craft practitioner with wide-ranging and somewhat eclectic interests that include American folk magic, European spiritwork paths such as the benandanti, Slavic magical traditions, fairy-faith, and the Irish Sight
  • Occasionally a pop-cultural magical worker within limited framework and including some interesting spiritual embellishments
  • A lay Unitarian Universalist, because sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere someone else is doing the heavy lifting, listen to some music, and hear a sermon about ma’at
  • A hardworking parent in a household full of noisy small children, some of whom are old enough to participate in family rituals
  • A writer whose interests include theology, neo-mythology, science fiction, fantasy, and poetry (see publications for more)
  • A thwarted sculptor in search of a studio
  • Slowly becoming a sau (amuletcrafter) through careful study and experimentation
  • An occasional ritual consultant willing to try to help you build your religious ceremony to suit your needs and those of your family (I have done heavy lifting for liturgical design for an interfaith pagan wedding and for a Celtic/Jewish wedding thus far, and will happily research your ritual needs into submission)
  • Mildly obsessed with archaeoastronomy, a devoted gamer, a half-assed gardener, a brewer of mead and weird wine, hoping to take up weaving, prone to bad math jokes, a lapsed musician, and composed entirely of obscure quotations, to pick a few things that are actually relevant to my spirituality
  • Also a giant nerd

I have given talks on:

  • The process of reconstruction and the development of mystery paths (Paganicon 2013)
  • Practicing paganism at the family / household level (Paganicon 2013)
  • An introduction to Kemeticism and reconstruction (Infinite Beliefs podcast, 2015)

and could in theory probably be coaxed into doing so again at some point.