• This is the only story of mine whose moral I know. I don’t think it’s a marvelous moral; I simply happen to know what it is: We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. Kurt Vonnegut
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Civil Festival Calendar (IN PROGRESS)

Currently in a state of compiling notes!

Current festival list is “astronomically defined”, “festivals involving the Westerners”, and “festivals of creation” and my personal year-axis obsession.

I Akhet August 11 (Tekh / Dhwt / Thoth)
August 11: Wep Renpet
August 27: Wag Festival Eve
August 28: Wag Festival
August 29: Great Festival of Djehwty
August 30: Festival of Drunkenness
II Akhet September 10 (Menhet / Pa-en-Ipet / Phaophi)
19th day of lunar month: Opet Begins
(if standardising to solar calendar, instead Opet begins 28 September)
III Akhet October 10 (Hwt-Hwr / Hwt-Hwr / Athyr)
All Month Long: Great Festival of Hetharu
Full Moon: Opet ends
IV Akhet November 9 (Ka-Her-Ka / Ka-Her-Ka / Choiak)
November 28-December 8: Mysteries of Wesir
November 28: Purifying the Pesedjet
November 29: Mysteries: Opening the Aperture
November 30: Mysteries: Hoeing the Earth
December 1: Mysteries: Preparing a Way in the Sheteyet
December 2: Mysteries: Placing in the Midst
December 3: Mysteries: Ntryt
December 4: Mysteries: Festival of Sokar
December 5: Mysteries: Anointing the Ennead
December 6: Mysteries: Drawing forth the Benben
December 7: Mysteries Continue
December 8: Mysteries: Raising the Djed
I Peret December 9 (Sef-bedet / Ta-‘b / Tybi)
December 9: Coronation of Heru and Nehebkau Festival
December Solstice: southern birthday of Ra
II Peret January 8 (Rekh-Wer / Mekhyr / Mechir)
January 8: Ptah Lifts the Sky (for consideration; Cairo calendar)
January 12: Raising the Djed / Shefbedet (for consideration)
February 1: Feast of the Unseen Powers (Sokar and Wesir) (consider adding)
February 2: The Dead are in Festival (consider adding)
III Peret February 7 (Rekh neds / Pa-en-Amunhotep-w / Phamenoth)
February 11: Festival of the Lights of Nit
IV Peret March 9* (Renwet / Pa-en-renenet / Pharmouthi)
On the New Moon: Feast of Zep Tepi
On the second day of the moon: Birthday of Heru-Sa-Aset
I Shomu April 8* (Khonsu / Pa-en-Khonsu / Pachons)
April 8: Harvest Festival of Min
II Shomu May 8* (Hent-Hetj / Pa-en-Inet / Payni)
On the New Moon: Beautiful Festival of the Western Valley
June 2: (Feast of the Beginning of the year, Revealing the Face; assoc. Nit/Sobek? check date math on this and everything marked ‘consider adding’)
III Shomu June 7* (Ipet-Hemet / Ipip / Epiphi)
June Solstice: northern birthday of Ra
IV Shomu July 7* (Wep-Renpet / Mesw-r’ / Mesore)
July 7: (conjunction/appulse of Sirius and the sun) Aset Luminous
August 5: Closing of the Year
Days Upon the Year August 6 (In Leap Year: August 5: Calibration Festival of Seshat)
August 6: Birthday of Wesir
August 7: Birthday of Heru-Wr
August 8: Birthday of Set
August 9: Birthday of Aset
August 10: Birthday of Nebet-het

* In Leap Years festivals marked with an asterisk or falling in an asterisked month come one day earlier.

Pulled from earlier drafts:

(January 28-February 6: Growing the Plants of the Gods might be an amusing one to include given its timing overlap with usual Imbolc date? That one always caught my mind as a Thing even though I have no reason for the fondness. Only appears on Edfu Hathor; do research. Translates to harvest time in southern hemisphere?; celebrate culmination rather than initiation there? Alternate solution: make category of seasonal festivals to be celebrated at appropriate local times, include Plants of the Gods, Rekh-Wer, Rekh-the other one.)

From III Shomu: On the New Moon: Festival of First Fruits (does not translate to southern hemisphere, ponder that)