• I decided the only way to overcome this was to do what I’ve always done with things that scare me: Dive right into the centre of the fear, smother myself in it, understand it, control it, beat it and then enjoy it. Alan Cumming

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Stuff Gets Dirty

When that stuff was made, it wasn’t dirty. But it isn’t brand new anymore, there’s dust on it, or someone dropped it in a mud puddle.

Cleaning things up is a perpetual thing that comes about because the universe isn’t locked in crystal and immobile. Even without mud puddles, there is dust.

“Things” there includes spiritual practice, one’s spirits/souls/what have you, and related matters. A regular mental and spiritual hygiene procedure is useful.

Further, as we get older, we pick up wear and tear around the rough edges, or otherwise get dinged up. A superficial cleaning may take the dust off, but there are also those spots that have the sort of worked-in grime that can be visited and revisited and cleaned over and over again and still not shine.

That is worth cleaning up too.

The process of purification – of cleansing – is endless.

But in the beginning, this too was clean, and we hold – under whatever layers of everything else – that purity within us, sacred and holy and waiting to be revealed.